Get Involved


… come in many different varieties and the Côte du Soleil Sunshine Coast French Festival is the perfect place where they can all come together.

If you have French products or services to offer, are part of the French cultural scene in Australia, just love the French flavour, or you’re a French company and proud of it, why not talk to us about getting involved in this premier Sunshine Coast event.

  • French Product Exhibitors
  • French Cuisine
  • Travel and Adventure in France
  • French Multi-national Companies
  • French Wines
  • French Cultural Exhibitions
  • Street Entertainers
  • Volunteer Help
  • French Service Providers

If you have something that you would like to contribute to the festival, please contact us through this site, email us at info@sunshinecoastfrenchfestival or phone during business hours on 0426858428